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An Energy-Efficient Home for Every Season

Here in Central Oregon, we are lucky enough to enjoy all four seasons each year. This means cold winters, a mild fall and spring, and hot summers. It can be challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home when things get especially hot or cold, but there are a few ways you can be sure to stay energy efficient through the changing seasons.

The first step to making sure you are maintaining an energy-efficient home is to examine what you already have in place. How old are your windows and doors? Are there any cracks? Can you see the light coming in anywhere around your door frame? These questions will help you determine whether it’s time to replace the whole thing entirely, or if it’s just time for some regular maintenance.

If your windows and doors seem to be in good shape, but you’re just looking to improve their efficiency, here’s what you can do:

Use caulk or weatherstrip to seal cracks and fill gaps

This will help prevent air leaks that keep your home from being efficient. When hot or cold air leaks in, it keeps your heating and cooling systems running much more often than they should.

Hang curtains, blinds, or both

The hot summer sun can make a huge impact on the temperature inside the house. Window treatments are a great way to keep things cool. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, this is especially important. Try opening up your windows and screened doors early in the morning. Then, before temperatures rise too much, seal everything up and close all the blinds to keep the temperatures down.

Install storm windows

If you live in an older house and aren’t ready to replace your single-pane windows, storm windows can be a great alternative. These go on the outside of the house and help reduce airflow in and out of the home.

Utilize a light-blocking screen or film

Similar to a storm window, large screens can be installed on the outside of the window to reduce the amount of heat and light that can enter. Films can also be fixed directly onto the window glass to create a reflective quality that repels heat.

Invest in outdoor awnings or blinds

Sometimes, windows just get too much sun during the day and something more needs to be installed to keep things cool. An awning or blind outside the house works great for this.

Most of these improvements can be made over a weekend and will help improve indoor temps greatly. They will also keep your heating and cooling systems running less often as your home becomes more energy efficient! But what if small improvements aren’t enough? Maybe your home has single-pane windows or the door just doesn’t seal properly. Maybe you’re ready for an upgrade that will also improve the appearance of your house. Whatever the case, the next step up from here is replacing your windows and doors.

Look no further than Building Solutions. We’ve been a leading window and door supplier in the Bend area since 2003. Our experienced professionals supply Central Oregon’s leading home builders and contractors with the best in new, replacement, and upgraded windows and doors. At our design center, we carry a variety of products from the most reputable manufacturers like Simpson Door Company, JELD-WEN, Milgard, and PlyGem. We understand how confusing all the options can be, so we’ll help you narrow down your decision. We know which ones to recommend, and which to avoid.

We also have tons

of color options and specialty glass samples for you to browse. That way you can have a style that matches the look of your home and keeps your energy costs down. If we don’t have the option you like in stock, we can get it ordered and even delivered for you.

Let’s get started on a more energy-efficient home today!

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