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The Kôrazon Project

To date, Building Solutions has brought over $40,000 of additional value to the Kôrazon project. This sum includes $25,000 in discounts for framing lumber and siding and another $15,000 in in-kind contributions for windows, doors, and specialty wood products. To obtain these in-kind contributions, Building Solutions reached out to its own suppliers, including International Wood Products, Ridgeline Metal, and JELD-WEN

"We want to give back as much to this community as we can and help create truly affordable housing for our local workforce. The development at Kôrazon helps accomplish this. There needs to be more of these programs here to allow 'locals' to actually live and thrive here."

Speaking for Kôr, Amy Warren is equally complementary:

“It takes a village to build a village and this partnership is a true testament to that. Building Solutions has taken the term “locals supporting locals” to a new level. Not only does it recognize the value of keeping Bend a place, where our workforce can afford to live, but it has also gotten behind that value in a big and wonderful way.”


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