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Jim McCue
Contractor Sales

Contractor Sales

I started my illustrious career in the building industry by selling building materials that were damaged or 2nds for a buisiness in Salem called The Bargain Shed.  My warehouse was an old turkey processing plant that still had ceramic troughs in the floor for ominous reasons.  After learning the basic skill of not tripping in or over the troughs, I moved to the more daunting tasks of material handling.  After only a month I could rope and tie a 5x12 sheet of plastic laminate in 23 seconds flat without slicing myself into ribbons.  We sold just about any building material you can think of there... for cents on the dollar... as long as it wasn't quite what it was supposed to be.


From there I moved on to the trades for a long time, light steel framing, drywall, and grid tile ceilings.  After looking around and seeing no one over the age of 40 in this this physical tough business, I moved back to the lumber business.


After spending 5 years building loads and driving lumber trucks around Portland, I moved to inside sales.  I soon moved to outside sales and spent about 17 years in that position in the Portland marketplace.


After moving to Central Oregon in 2003, I decided to get into Real Estate and Contracting.  Pulled my licenses for both in 2006.  Just in time for the "Great Recession."  Timing really is everything sometimes...


After running Redmond Habitat for Humanity for about 6 years, my family decided it was time for me to spend my weekends with them.  Very rewarding time of my life working there.


Before coming to Building Solutions in addition to my time in lumber sales, I spent two years in Truss Design and Sales, and two years as a Design Review Coordinator for several local communities such as Ranch at the Canyons, Pronghorn, Crosswater and Vandervert Ranch.


When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Joey and our family, playing music at various local venues, woodworking, and getting out on our soul soothing rivers.

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