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As a locally owned company, we believe that long-lasting building materials benefit our Central Oregon communities and neighborhoods. That’s why we do our best to provide you with high-quality, sustainable materials from lumber and trusses, windows, doors, deck materials, and hardware and tools. We also specialize in handling a building project from beginning to end, from the ground up. From foundation materials down to the doorknobs, we have the knowledge and experience to complete almost any project to create your dream home.

Now onto today’s topic…windows!

Customers often come into the Design Center with questions about window replacement or repair. With goals to save money and energy, we know it can be confusing with all of the options out there. Thankfully, we know which replacement windows to recommend, which to avoid and if what you have is considered unsalvageable.

Central Oregon is a beautiful place to call home and being comfortable in your own home is well worth investing in. Sometimes your windows just need a few repairs to get them back to their original condition and we would be happy to help you navigate this process. Consider these factors when you think this is the case…


Cracked and broken glass- The first things to consider when your windows are cracked are safety and appearance. Most of the time, single-pane windows can be easily repaired whereas multi-paned windows can not. If you’ve been dealing with window problems for a while though, it may be time to look into other options.

Damaged muntins or mullions- Muntins are the vertical dividers that divide panes of glass in a window while mullions separate two sides of the window itself. Most of the time, rotting muntins or mullions can be repaired by removing the glass, cleaning, and applying fresh putty.

Stuck window sashes- In many cases, older window sashes get stuck due to layers of paint or the sash getting off track. Usually, this problem is able to be fixed with a window sash replacement kit.

Broken exterior drip cap- New drip caps can be easily purchased, fixed, nailed, and caulked into place.

Degraded exterior trim or casing- Not only is this unattractive, but it can also make your windows susceptible to more damage. Although you most likely won’t need an entirely new window here, you want to make sure you choose weather-resistant products or paint during the repair.

Minor water leakage- Many cases of interior leakage are caused by poor drainage, whether that be your gutters or other systems around your house. Make sure to check areas around your windows before assuming the windows themselves are leaking.

The hope is that any problems you may be facing with your windows can be repaired but if this is not the case, we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff that will help you choose the best window replacement options for your home and location.


Foggy windows or noticeable condensation- Unfortunately, this is usually an indication that your windows need to be replaced. Sure, the glass itself can handle moisture, but when condensation gathers between panes, it’s time to replace those windows.

Rotting wood or insect damage- Rotting or damaged wood can allow air to leak into your home. There are many reasons why wood deteriorates, including insect damage, but if your window frames are thoroughly rotten or damaged, new windows are worth the investment in the long run.

Problems with the outer structure- Whether you need a new-construction window because the area surrounding the window is also in poor shape, or simply a replacement window, when the structure itself is falling through, it’s time to replace the window.

Major water leakage- Major leakage can be a sign that the casing is shot or irreplaceable but when it does seem as if water is coming through the windows and no issues to the surrounding exterior area can be detected, looking into replacements is recommended.

Whether you’re experiencing drafts, condensation, or broken glass, or have aesthetic concerns about your windows, replacing them is always an option. Since 2003, our experienced professionals have been supplying Central Oregon’s leading home builders and contractors with new, replacement and upgraded windows or doors. We carry a variety of choices from the most reputable manufacturers like JELD-WEN, Milgard, Prime Window Systems, Weather Shield, and Ply Gem.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can get it ordered and even delivered. We’re proud to say our service area covers most of Central Oregon, including Redmond, Madras, La Pine, Sisters and Sunriver!

As mentioned, we can also help you access whether what you’re dealing with is replaceable or repairable. Our building material experts begin with the in-house takeoff from your blueprints and, when necessary, will visit your jobsite to ensure accurate measurements and planning.

Let’s get started on your next project! Stop by and take a look at the color choices and specialty glass samples, or our wood and vinyl options. You won’t be disappointed with the money you save having a more energy-efficient home!

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Think back to when you purchased your house. It was likely an exciting and fulfilling experience as you moved in and began to make your house feel more like a home. And while buying a house is an emotional decision, it is also a major financial one. Over time, you should be considering multiple ways that you can begin to build equity and increase your property’s value overtime.

With the current situation of the housing market, you may not see right now as a good time to sell your home; however, it is a great time to invest in your property and increase its value. Thinking long-term about your property is one of the best things you can do as a home owner. The changes and updates that you do to your home now will help you (and your wallet) in the long run.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your home value this year, keep on reading!

Renovate your kitchen

Modern kitchen with bright lights and kitchen island

Whether you’re cooking, baking, or hosting friends and family at your house, most people find themselves spending a good chunk of time in the kitchen. Having an updated kitchen can change the look and feel of your home in an instant!

Most kitchens that are trending right now have a modern style with features that allow for social gatherings. Consider adding an island to your kitchen, switching to different countertops, or upgrading your cabinets. Any renovation you put into your kitchen, no matter how small, will contribute to the overall value of your home.

Freshen it up with paint

Modern room being painted and renovated

It may not seem like much, but adding a fresh coast of paint can make all the difference! Adding new paint to the interior or exterior of your home will clean it up and allow your home to shine. You can hire or a professional painter, or turn it into a DIY project for yourself. If you do the latter though, make sure you have a plan in place and remember to paint meticulously! The last thing you want is to make a few painting mistakes and have to re-do it.

Painting your house is a cost-effective solution for home owners that are not ready to put thousands of dollars into their home, but still want to increase their home’s value. This is especially true if you decide to paint it yourself...a gallon of paint won’t cost you much!

Invest in energy conservation

Woman checking thermostat. Energy Conservation

Call in a local energy conservation company to audit your home. These professionals will help you understand the areas where you can cut energy costs and maximize the energy in your home. This may look like switching to energy efficient appliances or adding insulation.

Not only will this help you save money now, but it will contribute to the future value of your home.

Replace (or remove) old carpets

Beautiful and modern living room with high ceilings and shiny hardwood floors

We all know when our carpets are outdated...the stains won’t come out, they begin to fade from their true color, and they just do not add to the aesthetic of your home. It is probably time for you to replace your carpets for fresh ones or remove them completely!

Natural floors are currently trending, but they are also a look that will add value to your home for years to come. Hardwood has paved the way for most natural floors, leading with its sustainable and fresh features. Not to mention that wooden floors are a lot easier to clean than carpets! You know what we mean, pet owners...

Replacing your floors is another project that you can hire professionally or get it done yourself. As with any home improvement project, you want to make sure it is done right. Find the right resources, materials, and tools to make sure you complete the project with care. Got questions or not sure where to begin? Give us a shout! We would be happy to provide guidance on this subject.

Add a deck

Pacific Northwest house with new deck and dining table

There are many simple pleasures in life. Sitting on your deck in the summer time is one of those, which is exactly why adding one will increase the value of your home!

You can add a small, intimate space for your personal pleasure and relaxing or invest in a larger deck for entertaining purposes, either way, it is an investment in your home. Visit our design center in Bend to see our deck materials and siding displays, or call now to get your deck project underway.

Update bathroom fixtures

Clean bathroom with new sink and gold faucet

Alongside the kitchen, bathroom updates are another leader for an increase in home value. Replacing the mirrors, shower glass, plumbing, lighting fixtures, and tile floors are all modern renovations that will increase your home’s value.

Install new lighting

Outdoor lighting for house. Smart technology motion sensored

Installing new lighting in your home is another great project to get done in winter that will increase the overall value of your home’s property. Adding new lighting will add to the overall ambience of your home and brighten up your space.

You can install new lighting to the interior of your home or add outdoor lighting for enhanced security purposes. Outdoor lighting can even be paired with smart technology. This technology has sensors which detect movement and tell the lights to turn on - an increasingly attractive feature for people looking to purchase a home!

House for sale with sign

These seven tips are tangible updates that you can enjoy while still living in your home, but they will also prepare your property for when you are ready to put it on the market! It is always a good idea to be thinking long-term when it comes to your home. You do not have to get all of these projects done at once, but by implementing a few updates and remodels here and there, you will be investing in the overall value of your home. Feel more at ease when you put your home on the market knowing that you put in the hard work to increase your home’s value.

No matter which project you get started on first, don’t forget we are here to help! We will partner with you to deliver the knowledge, experience and materials required for your next construction project. We specialize in lumber and trusses, decking and siding, windows and doors, and just about anything else you might need for your commercial or residential building project.

As Central Oregon’s most respected home builders and contractors, we are happy to provide top-quality building materials and top-shelf customer service to help you get the job done.

Give us a call today or stop by our design center to learn how we can partner together on your home investment project.

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At Building Solutions Bend, we represent exactly what our name means. We are focused on building solutions for YOU! That means that we are dedicated to serving you and giving your project the quality service that you trust us with, from beginning to end. That being said, we do not skimp on the hardware brands we use. We trust the top brands in the business that we know will bring the best results. From brands like Makita to Diablo, we have the perfect tools that will help you get the job done the right way.

We know that building projects can be a daunting challenge to tackle, which is why we care about providing you with the right resources, tools, and knowledge to take on each project. Continue reading to learn about the top brands we trust and why they are right for you.


Makita is a top leader in outdoor power equipment. Some of their most popular equipment includes combi kits, drills and fastening, concrete and masonry, outdoor power equipment, lawnmowers, and other accessories. They offer cordless, corded, and gas products for your convenience.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has been trusted for over 55 years by professionals and hobbyists alike for their quality tools. Their products are trusted to help you build a safer, stronger home or building. Working alongside strong industry professionals, they ensure their products are tested for safety, durability, and resistance against harsh elements. Simpson Strong-Tie offers a variety of products such as connectors, fastening systems, structural steel, and more. To learn more about this top brand, visit their website here.


FastenMaster is a leading company that provides structural wood building products. They are the owner of market-leading brands such as the LOK Line of struc­tur­al wood fas­ten­ers, Cor­tex hid­den fas­ten­ing sys­tems for deck & trim, Tiger Claw hid­den deck clip sys­tems, and the PAM­Fast Aut­oFeed screw systems. This brand is perfect for anyone who is a little more experienced and looking to remodel their home or for professionals in the deck building, residential framing, and home building industry.


Diablo is a leader in the cutting and power tools industry. Whether you need to saw, drill, or cut through something, Diablo likely has the tool you need!

Big Timber

Screws, holders and setters, and all the bits in between are the products Big Timber specializes in. No matter how big or small your job is, Big Timber has the right piece to make it a success. Scroll through their products on their website!


Are you searching for the best hand tools in the business? Check out Stiletto for products that are second to none. They specialize in lightweight (yet powerful) hammers that can be bought in titanium, fiberglass, and hickory options. While hammers are one of their top products, they also sell prybars and additional gear and accessories.


Stabila is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality measuring tools. This top brand is considered many professionals’ first choice. Having the right tools is important, especially when it comes to measurements, and Stabila makes every cm count.


SKIL products are made to give you the power you need. With advanced technology, they’re built to last and perform through any project. Whether you are in the market for drills and drivers, sanders, or grinders, they have a variety of tools to choose from. Learn more about SKIL and let us know if they have a product you need!

Occidental Leather

Keep your tools on hand with Occidental Leather’s tool belts, bags, vests, and more! Their products are comfortable, durable, and adaptable for any working man or woman. This top brand is dedicated to serving well-designed products, striving for excellence in each product they make. Looking for a new place to store your tools? Check them out today!

Completing any building project takes hard work and dedication. Not only do you need to know what you are doing and how you will succeed in your project, but you need to have the right tools to ensure it is done properly. That’s why Building Solutions Bend is here for you. We are dedicated to equipping you with the right tools you need for a job well done.

Ready to start your next project? Give us a call today!

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