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Make the Most of Your Spring DIY

Spring is a great time of year for more than just cleaning projects. With the weather becoming consistently warmer and the days getting longer again, we can get outside to tackle some of those DIY goals for home improvement. For both the experienced and inexperienced DIYer, your time and money are your greatest assets when working on your projects. Now that you will be diving into your home improvement goals, your time and your budget will be what you want to make the most of. Your project may seem relatively cut and dry when you initially start planning it out, but once you get to work, you may find that there are a few more bumps in the road than you initially predicted! As these bumps start to pop up in your project, you may start to feel frustrated, stressed, and like this home improvement might be much more of an uphill battle than you bargained for.

An ordeal like this doesn’t have to be the case. Even the more experienced DIYers run into roadblocks and encounter hiccups because they forgot to address/prevent them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the resources to make things run smoothly within your budget and timeline! When you utilize Building Solutions as your main material and tool provider, we know how to help you every step of the way in your project. Come to us to make the most of your time and budget by knowing you can find everything you’re looking for in one place. We have the quality tools and materials you’ll need to work through every phase of your next DIY project, all at a competitive price and with expert knowledge from our team to help you reach your project’s finish line.

For those who’ve completed a few DIY projects to improve their home or property, they know that time is the greatest commodity. When the time you spend on your project is so pivotal, there is nothing more frustrating than having to use it up by going to multiple home improvement stores to get the materials you need. One may have some of the lumber, but not all the additional nails, screws, etc., or vice versa. Before you know it, you’re volleying yourself all over town to find that last item that no one seems to have, but you need to start your DIY. Leave this frustration and gas-guzzling activity out our your project by going somewhere that has it all in one place! When you visit Building Solutions, not only can you find all the building home improvement materials that your plan will require, but you will also find the quality tools to help you do it.

Our business specializes in helping you handle building and home improvement projects from beginning to end, and from the ground up. As a result, we carry a wide selection of tools and hardware that you might need while tackling these projects. And just like our materials, we make sure to have the highest quality tools from top brands including Milwaukee and Diablo so that you know you can rely on them to get you through your project. We also always have special offers to browse through so that you can get the most out of your budget for the quality items your home improvement project needs. Whether your spring project is focused on building your dream deck, replacing any doors or windows on your home, improving your home’s roofing, or another project to boost the lifestyle that your house provides, know that we have all the tools and materials that you will need in one convenient place.

Saving on traveling and getting your materials and tools isn’t the only way to make the most of your timeline and budget! Another way to cut the amount of time you are spending on things outside of directly working on your next DIY project is by already knowing what materials are high-quality. It is amazing how much time you can spend sifting through all the options, reviews, and research to know what materials and suppliers you can trust. We strive to make sure you never have to give it a second, minute, or hour thought. As we already mentioned above, we make sure to provide only high-quality items to make sure you feel confident in the materials that you purchase for your home improvement projects. We offer one of the largest building material selections in Central Oregon and are extremely proud of the items that we have to provide. We have over three acres of high-quality lumber to choose from that are supplied by local providers, including beautiful, sustainable redwood. We also supply a variety of options for doors, windows, decking, roofing, and more from quality brands that you can trust like Simpson, Jeld Wen, Milgard, Iko, Trex, and so many more! We even have a showroom so you can see and experience many of these brands and their materials before you buy them for your projects. Come in knowing that not only are all the materials here provided by quality suppliers but also that you’re getting them at a competitive price.

We are a locally owned business that wants to provide the best materials and tools to our neighbors. We care about the homeowners in our community and want them to be able to work with the best products to improve their homes without blowing their budgets. We would rather offer a fair price than sell our materials at a crazy markup, and that’s how we believe it should always be. When you walk through our doors, come in knowing that you can trust the quality of the products we offer and the pricing they are offered at without having to spend your time researching what suppliers have quality products and what prices they should be listed at. Build your project with our tools and materials knowing that you are getting the quality your home and family deserve at a great price.

Now that we’ve assured you that you can save time and money with our location and materials, we have one more heavy-hitting factor that can make sure your home improvement project gets the most out of your budget and timeline, and that’s our fantastic team and resources! When you come to us with a project in mind, we have so many ways our team members can help you get it done without you having to search high and low for the right resources and pointers. Our team strives to deliver the best customer service possible and to make sure we can help you in every way to get your project done right.

Our customer service is one of the things we pride ourselves on the most. If you come to our team at the early stages of your project, not only can we help you create a plan of action for it, but we also provide in-house takeoffs to help you calculate exactly what you need for efficient material sourcing. We can even assist you online! On our website, you will find a page dedicated to How-To videos for some of the most common projects and activities that our team helps DIYers with. Customer service is what sets us apart and was one of the main reasons we were awarded Central Oregon's Material Supplier of the Year. Don’t spend your time having to weed through online blogs, videos, and resources that give poor advice to find the information you need. Come directly to us to get straight answers and immediate help and guidance that you can rely on for your new home improvement project.

Experienced DIYers know that time and money are always of the essence, and we are here to help you make the most of them for your Spring home improvement goals! There is no sense in wasting the time you could be spending moving your project forward on searching for your materials, price and reputation checking, and trying to find all the right information that you will need to reach your DIY goals. Come in feeling confident, knowing that not only do we have all the quality tools and materials that your project requires but also the staff with the know-how to help you complete your project in the best way possible. Give us a call or stop in today to start making strides with your next home improvement goal! We would love to help you build your project with our materials.

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